Autumn 2021 exam series application 

In light of COVID-19, and the subsequent cancellation of examinations in the Summer Term, students have been allocated grades for each of their subjects based on Teacher Assessment Grades (grades submitted by the school, based on students’ assessments, mock examinations.  Following the publication of results, Ofqual has confirmed that an Autumn examination series will now run for any student who wishes to re-sit one or more of their qualifications. 

Please read the following carefully and complete the details below if you wish to take a GCSE examination at Saltley Academy in the Autumn term 2021.  

  • You may take any GCSE exam for which you were originally entered in Summer 2021. 

  • You are responsible for ensuring that you are fully prepared for any examination you   choose to take. 

  • The exams will be in their normal format, with no adaptations. 

  • You will not be required to pay the exam entry fee, however we may ask you to pay a £20 deposit, which will be refunded after you have attended all the exams for the subjects you request (you will be contacted with details of how to pay. For special circumstances, please speak directly to the Head of Academy). 

  • Please return the form to enquiry@saltley.academy or to Saltley Academy reception by 13th September. No entries will be made if the form is received after this deadline or until the fee has been received by the finance team. 

  • GCSE exams will take place in November and December. 

  • Please note that the examinations may take place at any of the three secondary schools within the WHMAT. You will be notified of the dates and times of all your exams in September. 

  • There will be no non-exam assessment – all grades will be determined by students’ performance in the exams only.  The only exception to this is for art and design qualifications, where grades will be determined by students’ performance in a task set and marked by the exam board. 

  • The usual arrangements for appeals and reviews of marking will apply to the exam series. 

  • A replacement certificate will be issued to a student showing the higher of an autumn 2021 or summer 2021 grade if a student requests this. 

For Vocational and Technical Qualifications, such as Cambridge Nationals and Cambridge Technicals, and Other General Qualifications: 

  • Students who received a result based on a teacher assessed grade will be offered an opportunity to sit an assessment to improve their result.  

  • Assessment opportunities will be available between September 21 and January 22; we will offer our usual assessment opportunities between these dates. 

  • For Cambridge Nationals, a series will be available in November 21 for moderated units in the normal subjects only. 


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